5 Scary Reasons Why You Are Still Stuck In a Job You Hate

  | Sarah Davies

Everyone deserves to love their job. It’s exhilarating to wake up in the morning, put on your best blazer, and feel like you’re making a real difference. If you have to drag yourself to your desk, that’s not a good sign. If you feel like your job is holding you hostage, you need to address the root causes of those feelings. You can’t make a momentous change unless you understand what you’re changing.

1. Because You Need The Paycheck
Nobody wants to worry about how they’re going to pay the bills. The idea of coming up short or breaking into your savings is scary. If you have your job but the money allows you to survive, make that a part of your transition plan. Save up for a few months while you’re looking for new job opportunities, and put in your two weeks’ notice once you get another job offer. If you’re in transition for a week or two, you’ll have a nest egg to survive on.

2. Because You’re Underqualified For Your Dream Position
You might be stuck in your current job because you’ve settled for it. Nobody with big dreams about owning a bakery is going to be happy working as a receptionist. If you need more schooling or a trade certificate of some sort to pursue what you’d really like to do, look into online schooling. You can take your classes while you’re at your current job, and you’ll know that you’re working your way towards something better.

3. Because The Schedule Works For You
If you have a busy life that involves a lot of commitments, you might be sticking with your current job because you’re terrified that no one else will give you the same hours. This isn’t necessarily true. Flexible scheduling and work-life balance have become increasingly important. More and more employers are beginning to understand that, and they’re open to the idea of negotiating flexible scheduling into their job offers.

4. Because You Don’t Understand Your Value
Some people are negatively affected by their relationships with their jobs. They stick with awful jobs because they don’t feel as though they deserve better. While it’s true that everyone has to pay their dues on their way to the top of the career ladder, you shouldn’t be paying your dues forever.

Update your resume with your current skills, qualifications, and experiences. Send it out, and see who bites. You’d be surprised to see how much value you’ve earned throughout your duration at your awful job. If they don't treat you the way you deserve to be treated, someone else will.

5. Because You Don’t Realize How Much You Hate It
Are you familiar with the boiling frog analogy? More or less, a frog in a pot of water that’s very slowly and gradually increasing in heat won’t realize that he’s in danger until he’s being boiled. You probably didn’t realize how much you were beginning to hate your job until you hit your breaking point. To avoid this happening in the future, be a little more perceptive in your next workplace. Have hard limits of what you can and cannot tolerate, and don’t allow certain boundaries to be pushed. You’ll never again find yourself in a situation where the temperature is slowly rising and you miss the opportunity to put a stop to it.

There’s always going to be another job out there, even if you need to wait for it. Never stop looking for opportunities to better your professional standing and find career happiness. If you can avoid it, don’t wait until it becomes too unbearable before you seek out a new path.

Author's Bio: Sarah Davies is an HR expert and careers blogger from Australia. Working as a part of the team behind Open Colleges, she enjoys supporting people who wish to boost their careers, learn more, and enjoy better jobs. Reach out to her on @sarah_davies_au.

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