5 Steps to Creating A Positive and Healthy Work Environment

  | Mark Johnson


A healthy workplace is more than just a place that fulfils the minimum requirements of a desk, chair and (bad) coffee. We’ve found there are 5 key areas to focus on that will make your workplace healthier, both physically and mentally, which boosts employee morale and will lead to an increase in productivity.

 Elements That Help You Create A Positive and Efficient Work Environment

 A working professional can spend more than 30 hours a week at their place of work. So, it makes sense that the workplace should be energizing, inspiring and fun. How would one make work a positive and healthy environment in which employees can be motivated to work and aspire to give their best? Below we have outlined 5 proven steps you can take to get the productivity that you need.

 #01. Utilise a Standing Desk

We now realise that it is not healthy to sit for long periods of time. That is why numerous organizations are acquiring standing work areas for their representatives. These standing desks enable you to choose whether to sit or stand, so that you can move around and keep your muscles moving during the day. You can get a full sitting desk or a unit that fits over your work area. However, keep in mind that it is good for the space to be dynamic allowing for both standing and sitting as it is not beneficial to be on your feet throughout the day.

 #02. Make Your Office a Comfortable Space

 You want your employees to work hard, but not too hard. You have to strike a balance between a creative, dynamic environment that encourages collaboration, while ensuring that employees are able to find a quiet productive space to get their work done. Creating meeting places that are separate to designated work spaces helps with achieving that balance. Everybody needs their own area, with easy access to colleagues for sharing ideas and asking for help. Also, make sure that there are whiteboard spaces for meetings to generate new ideas; many people process information visually so make it easier for your employees to grasp concepts and get on board with new proposals.

 #03. Provide a Clean & Fresh Working Environment

 Many employees wind up with work-related hypersensitivities, which are activated by reactions to chemicals in paint, carpeting, furniture, and so forth. Manifestations of allergies include rashes, irritated eyes, sinuses, and headaches. An easy step to reducing allergies in the workplace is to focus on providing clean air which has been proven to help with concentration as well as reducing employee downtime through allergies. According to ByPurify, the most simple and effective solution is to invest clean air through purchasing air purifiers. The purifier ought to have a HEPA channel to capture and filtrate dirt particles in the air.

 #04. Invest in Some Plants

There are numerous ways that plants contribute to a healthier workplace. They help by enhancing the air quality, which is essential if your office is stuffy or dry. Likewise, plants make any space cheerier and put you in a better mood as plants have been proven to have a calming impact. Some of best plants for the workplace would be the green and leafy, as opposed to thorny plants, like cacti. Note that too many plants can be overwhelming, especially in smaller workspaces.

 #05. Recognise and Reward Your Employees

 One approach to keep the energy up is to recognise your team and offer prizes for achieving milestones. At the beginning of a project morale is generally quite high, however, after some time, energy levels decrease. By setting interim goals, and offering incentivised rewards, you have the ability to inject new enthusiasm for a project. These rewards don’t have to be big, they can be as simple as treating the project group to coffee or lunch. Paying attention to these details will make a difference by fostering an attitude of teamwork and boosting camaraderie.

 Employees want to feel validated and recognised for the work that they do, and they are likely to be most productive in a workplace that has been set up in a way that is conducive to efficiency. There are simple ways to reward employees that only require a little time and thought, and cost-effective ways to provide a workplace that promotes productivity.

Author's Bio: Mark Johnson is the Marketing Manager at ByPurify, a leading online resource specializing in clean air technology in the areas of vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. The site offers reviews and buying guides to help their clients make their homes and offices a clean, allergy-free space.

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