Top 10 tips for getting a job in Australia

  | Tatiana Zinkivska

New experience, wholly different way of life and fresh feelings – that is what many people are looking for in another country. When it comes to Australia, it is even difficult to imagine how it will go with the job, place for living, new friends and acquaintances. It is not for nothing that people call it the “Down under Land” as a great number of things are absolutely different there and need some time to get over them.

Well, we are all here, because Australia is our job search destination as well as the desirable place for living; and here you will discover several the most useful tips and advice before starting your journey and tracking of unexplored opportunities to develop.

If you are looking for jobs in Sydney, for example, and have an obvious ambition to get hired in Australia, it is important to follow specially elaborated plan and let your dream come true. Moreover, remember that you should be a very hard-working and persistent person, as it is not so easy to find what you want on the first try. To be employed in Australia, one should have a certain level of knowledge and a special set of occupational skills which are highly-demanded in this country.

Therefore, to be able to obtain a job in Australia you have to:

  • Learn more information about occupations, which are available and demanded in Australia. That means you have to study the requirements for occupations you are looking for. At the same time, it will help you to understand the economic structure of the country and prepare your personal expectations not to fail. Educational opportunities are also important for taking into consideration.

  • Improve your skills if it is necessary. While applying for a job in Australia you have to emphasize your educational qualifications. It would be very useful if to receive the consultation and advising of Australian embassy in the country you live. In case you feel some uncertainty, you can attend some additional courses to advance your level of skills. 

  • Search for work visa. Without visa it is impossible to obtain the work in Australia. Even more, this visa can will be considered as sanctioned only if the applicant has necessary education and experience.

  • Determine for yourself what industry is interesting for you and what you would like to do in Australia. Be attentive and honest with yourself, as the Great Southern Land can be very tricky in terms of alignment of your skills with job requirements in specific industrial area.

  • Think about alternative variants If you want to find job in Australia, try to be more flexible-minded, and do not concentrate only on one determined variant, as Australia is not the country for that. Search for alternative opportunities, which will serve you as another plan for successful migration. You can refer to special website Rulla that offers different jobs in Australia in the most popular industries.

  • Make your resume also ready for Australia. It is not a secret that each country differs with its requirements for the applicant’s resume and CV. There are certain standards for your resume which you should follow and keep in mind. First of all, the resume should be readable and interesting for employer, avoid standard things and be creative.

  • Cover Letter should also be improved and written on the professional level. CV usually makes the first impression about the person applying as well as the resume. Try to indicate there all occupational skills you have and describe educational background. Tailor your CV according to the position you are interested in, be attentive to the details.

  • Ask people. Probably some of your friends or the acquaintance are currently in Australia or returned from there, just catch the moment and ask them any questions you have concerning job search in Australia and various other possibilities. It will surely help you to be ready for some unexpected situations and cope with concerns before moving. 

  • Be usually available and keep contact. If you really want to live and work in Australia, go ahead and be very persistent: it is not for you to wait and hope that somebody will call you, just show your strong desire and contact with the employer of HR member to know how it goes with your application. Control all the process of getting a job and consider possible changes. 

  • Be open to the employer and show your readiness for in person communication. Such an approach will be only a bonus for you, as meeting with the employer or company representative will help you to understand your position better and get acquainted with additional peculiarities of the job. Moreover, if you are going to some conference, professional exhibition or some other related event, usually take several copies of your resume and CV. Hope you know what it is for!

Author's Bio: Tatiana Zinkivska writes for Rulla: career search aggregator that provides visitors with with the best job opportunities in Australia and 19 more countries. She writes useful articles not only about job search tips, but also about everything in the world.

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