How to Keep your New Employees Motivated

  | Peter Unitt

When a new employee starts at a company, motivation levels are high. They want to impress, they are eager to fit in, and their work ethic is impressive. However, as the months go on, you may find your employees a little less motivated or enthusiastic. This is natural – and assuming there aren’t any underlining problems involved (stress, depression, etc) you can undertake some simple ideas to keep your employees working at their best.

Tip #1 Don’t Patronise

Your employees want to feel like they are on the same level as you, so don’t make them feel beneath you in any way. This can be achieved through keeping an open door policy, replying to their emails in a timely manner and always stopping to talk to your staff when you pass them in the corridor. If you own a start up company, no doubt you’ll be stressed and busy, but you should always take time to say ‘Good Morning’ even when you’re in the thick of it. The entrepreneur says that you should treat your staff like your loyal customers – you should ask them what they love about working in your small business and what they want you to keep doing. Then ask them what they would love you to do differently to reduce frustrations and improve work conditions. Listen and improve where you can – and ask these questions regularly.

Tip #2 Treat your Staff

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to treat your staff. This can help them feel valued and therefore more motivated to keep work levels high. Simple things like buying in lunch every now and again can really be a benefit to staff. What about offering an extra day off when your staff members have worked late on a successful project? Or how about offering free fruit every week? Fruitful Office, a fruit delivery company in the UK and Ireland, say that companies that offer health and well-being support to their employees are likely to benefit from increased job commitment and better staff retention. Their service, a fruit basket jam packed full of seasonal fruits delivered straight to the office door, allows employees to get free snacks, feel full and motivated and valued as a staff member at that company. What’s more, it doesn’t cost the employer that much to do.

Tip #3 Refresh Workspaces

Make sure workspaces are cleaned and refreshed so that staff don’t feel that they are working in a grimy environment. Look at the lighting levels; is it bright enough? Is there too much computer glare from the PC? Is there enough natural light and ventilation? Make sure the office or workspace is appropriately heated, too. In the winter, make sure that your staff are warm enough and in summer, make sure they are cool enough and have enough fresh air. Give your workspaces a re-vamp every now and again, including adding colour to the walls (nothing too garish but it’s nice to add colour!) and make sure all computers are properly cleaned and dusted. Not only does this feel a nicer environment for you and your staff to work in, but your equipment will work better for longer, too. 

Author's Bio: Peter Unitt is a freelance business consultant who works with many Irish and UK based businesses. Part of his work consists of promoting happy and motivated staff by creating a positive working environment.

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