Making Your Resume Stand Out from the Crowd - 10 Top Tips from HR Pros

  | Rachel Summers

Nowadays, the job-hunting industry is one of the most competitive niches in the world. No matter where you are in the world, the types of vacancy that used to attract a handful of applications can now find themselves dealing with several hundred.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see the need to try and make your resume stand out from the crowd. To help you do exactly this, here are the top ten resume writing tips from the pros that can help you secure the interview to what could be the job of your dreams.

Don’t go Fancy on the Formatting

Although the whole idea of this article is to make your resume stand out from the crowd, that doesn’t mean you need use a size 50 font or make all your letters pink or blue.

When it comes to your resume, be sure to keep things professional by using a size 14 font size, black font colour and a readable font like Calibre or Sans.

Making the Best First Impression

When a recruiter receives your resume, always remember that they will read from the top of your resume down. While this might seem like a completely natural way of reading, it becomes safe to say that you should be putting the most important aspects of your resume at the top.

If you can start your resume with several hard-hitting paragraphs that show off the very best that you have to offer, there’s no reason why the recruiter won’t read on. For more information on structuring your resume in this way, check out Top Canadian Writers or Student Writing Services, two custom resume writing services.

New Vacancy, New Resume

This doesn’t mean you need to write out a new resume for every single job you apply for, but you at least need to edit it. Every vacancy and business will be looking for something different, so you don’t want to be sending off a one-size-fits-all resume that’s generic.

Recruiters have experience in what resumes are generic so make sure you edit your resume and tailor it to the job that you’re applying for. 

Include Personality in Your Content

It’s easy to fall into the trap of writing a resume that simply highlights your skills, talents, qualifications and your experience but this isn’t all a resume is used for.

A resume is also an indication of your personality which a recruiter needs to see in order to know whether you’ll fit into their company culture. Write from the heart and put in a bit of spice to make it captivating.

Implement Keywords

As mentioned in the introduction, some vacancies can attract hundreds of applicants which is why more and more businesses are using keyword scanners to scan resumes that can pick out individual keywords that will match to the vacancy before the successful ones are read by the recruiters.

With this in mind, it’s important to implement these keywords into your resume so you’ll get past this initial stage. The best place to source these keywords is in the job description itself.

Be a Storyteller

Consider for a moment how many boring and tedious resumes a recruiter has to read through to find a perfect fit for a job. If all resumes are simply bullet-pointed facts, this is going to be incredibly tiring.

Instead, you can make your resume stand out by writing in a story format that grabs the recruiter’s attention. Start at the beginning of your career and tell a story of how you’ve progressed and become more experience through the years.

Back Up Skills with Evidence

Of course, you’re going to include your skills and past experiences in your resume to match the job that you’re applying for, but it’s so important to back up these skill claims with real-life experiences to prove that you can do it.

“For example, if you’re a social media manager, state your skills and your past job roles but back it up with facts on how much you improved engagement rates or follower counts during your time in that position” states Ryan Waters, a resume writer for Australian Reviewer.

Perfecting Your Resume

It’s all well and good if you’ve just finished writing the perfect resume that showcases you perfectly and you’re almost guaranteed to secure an interview. However, you need to make sure that you’re re-reading your resume to correct any errors. Grammarix has a great section on how to improve your grammar skills and knowledge.

“These could include grammar errors, spelling mistakes and typos which, if left in your resume, shows a lack of attention to detail which could ruin your chances” shares Darren Peters, a professional editor for UK Service Reviews.

Don’t Forget a Cover Letter

More and more people forget to add cover letters to their resumes and applications. A cover letter is designed to expand on the appropriate points of your resume that match what the business is looking for and gives a clearer insight into your personality, so don’t forget to write one up!

The HuffingtonPost has a great article on custom resume and cover letter writing services you can use to create these documents on your behalf.

Keep Your Resume Updated

It’s so important that you keep your resume updated at all times. Even if you’ve got a job, be sure to keep your resume updated at all times because you never know when that dream job is going to come along and you want to send off an up-to-date resume fast.

Author’s bio: Rachel Summers is an experienced content writer living and working in New York. She works as a journalist specializing in education, including UK Top Writers, as she has a passion for helping students get the most out of their years in school. Her writing focuses on tips that can help and educate her students in all aspects of student life, including managing their educational work and what to do after they leave into the world of work.

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