Bungy Jump Master - The Rarest Job in Australia

  | James Innes

The latest Australia 2016 census has revealed the ten rarest jobs in Australia. And Bungy Jump Master tops the list!

Only 3 people list this as their main profession. A Jump Master is responsible for control of the bungy jump deck and the equipment and safety of jumpers. The scarcity of people practising this profession may be attributable to the fact that there are only two companies in Australia that offer the activity, the detailed Bungy Jumping Code of Practice and the complex insurance process for the business.

Similar complexities around licensing and insurance risks cover the next four positions on the list which all fall in the field of adventure sports – hunting, mountain, trekking and white water rafting guides.

Plastic compound and reclamation machine operators, who are responsible, among other things for the reclamation of materials, come next on the list, although this type of role could become even rarer, as changes in technology mean such jobs are becoming increasingly automated.

Deer farmers then featured next, with only 56 people claiming this as their principal occupation. Unlike in many other countries, deer in Australia are raised for hunting as there is comparatively little demand for venison as a meat by Australians who prefer beef, lamb and chicken.

Special class electricians and clinical haematologists also feature in the top ten list which, perhaps surprisingly, is rounded out by Paediatric Surgeons. Given the size of Australia’s population only 76 surgeons are specialised in the care of infant children, adolescents and young adults.

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